Rod works on the precept that not only is every dog a unique individual so is every handler.
Training Dogs to:~ Achieve excellence in Working Trials Tracking, Property Squares, Search Squares. Incredibly difficult Sendaway and Redirection, All the control exercises Working Trials Agility, including the 6ft scale and the 9ft long/ broad jump.

Rod works on the precept that not only is every dog a unique individual so is every handler, so when working with a team which is unique, the training will have to be formulated to suit both the handler and dog. Its no good asking a gentleman handler who is large and speaks naturally with a base voice to praise his dog in a high squeaky voice to motivate the dog, it will just not work the dog who lives with him and interacts regularly with the handler will be aware that the strangled squawk coming from its handler is both incongruent and false. Praise or verbal correction from the handler to be effective will have to be meaningful and sincere; asking a small lady handler with a high squeaky to use a deep resonant voice will equally be ineffective.

Body language from the handler will have to be congruent: ~ a large overweight handler will not be able to jump about like a cheerleader on speed and a small petite lady handler will not have the presence to be able to dominate a dog with a look.
A person of any size shape or speed can be taught to be an effective dog handler and trainer, provided they are willing to listen to instruction and do the work as instructed.

Working with these concepts and understanding that the longest journey starts with a single step.

Success is Inevitable.