Rod Roberts Training

Working Trials  Continuation Courses

5 x 2 Day courses at approximatly monthly intervals

Autumn 2012 and Spring 2013
The Continuation Courses are all about getting down to some serious training this might seem to be stating the obvious, but training courses in general are about teaching new and improved techniques, then the handler goes away and puts those techniques in to the everyday training. What usually happens is because the new methods have only been learned briefly they tend to become diluted as the handler fades back into there old ways familiarity is comfortable so it’s quite natural for the handler to recede back into their comfort zone, so a few weeks later the methods learned on a course are likely to be described as not having worked. The Continuation Courses because of there ongoing nature keep the handler’s skills moving forward and of course this will show as a steady improvement in the dog’s work.

As the course’s are at regular monthly intervals it is possible to recognize small problems and mistakes as they arise making it far easier to correct than waiting till a small difficulty has become a major challenge and become ‘set in stone’ so to speak.

A Good retrieve from a Search Square on corn Stubble

In the initial stages of teaching the search square for instance, it seems a fairly straight forward exercise with great success being achieved. It is only after a few trials where the difficulty is increasing, Making it obvious the true difficulty of this exercise.

Throughout these courses there will be variation of venue and terrain alowing both Handler and Dog to grow in experience.

Teaching Squares on Moorland

A Happy Group Having a Break from working on the heather.

Teaching Tracking, or to be more precise putting the dog in a position where it will learn and perfect the tracking skills we require is a long term project. On the Continuation Courses we have the time and facilities to maintain motivation, hone and perfect the dogs skills, build a base of experience which will allow the dog and handler to achieve and maintain levels of performance at the highest levels.

To achieve consistently successful Sendaway and Redirection

the training need to go through 3 distinct phases
Teaching the understanding of the exercise, Right, Left, Stop, Go on, Building a disregard for distance,
Progressing to Working with out Visual Targets

On the Continuation Courses there is time available for the handler to gain a good understanding of all three of these phases

All the other required exercises Retrieve, Speak, Stays, Heelwork, and all the Agility are covered in great detail.

Here are some of the people who have benefited over the years with Rods Training.
In No particular Order.

Here are some of the people who have benefited over the years with Rods Training.
In No particular Order.

Margaret Robinson, 10 TD tickets, Linda Newbold TD ticket, Allison Tomhe TD ticket, Janet Parker TD ticket, Janette Sayer Multiple TDex, Dave Olley PD TD tickets, Pat Williams TD Ticket, Nick Williams TD ticket,
Margo Brothwell PD and TD ticket, Diane Ling TD ticket,
Manda Mcllean PD Tickets, Judy Meeking TD tickets,
Donna Walker WDex (Dalmatian), Jacquie Hall Multiple TDex, Fran Becket Multiple TDex, Sara Royle Multiple TDex,
Steph Mcbride TD Tickets, James Warrior TDex.
The List goes on….

Continuation Course Dates
Autumn 2012 and Spring 2013
Weekend Courses

Saturday Sunday

 15th 16th September 

6th & 7th October

10th & 11th November

12th & 13th January 2013

16th &  17th February 2013

Midweek Courses
Tuesday & Wednesday

9th & 10th October

6th & 7th November

8th & 9th January 2013

12th & 13th February 2013

12th & 13th March 2013

The investment for these Courses is £350 for the full set of 5 Courses

Enquires to Rod on 07957 211299 or Email