Rod Roberts

Advanced Working Trials Training Course

Slingsby North Yorkshire


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On: 2012 Dates Course starts Sun 22nd finishes Thurs 26th

. Arrive: Sat 21st April ♦ Leave: Fri 27th

The format of Rods Advanced Course is more akin to university you will be challenged and guided with advice rather than instruction with Rod advising and aiding the inevitably successful search for perfection and Success. When Dog and Handlers reach a certain standard Rods approach is to help the handler and dog evolve and develop their own style, fully instructed training while available is probably not what is required. Training beyond a certain point is more about spotting approaching problems and adjusting already competent handling and to fine tune and polish performances from handle and dog, helping with the progression towards elusive “Ticket wins”.

Margo and Ryan Tracking Short Corn

As we move to the end of the intense part of the Spring Trials Season some issues will have shown up in the dogs work. It has been said by a very experienced Competitor that "a dog never comes back from a trial as good as it went". Rod’s Advanced Trials course is the ideal time to start to address the problems however minor which have been thrown up by competing at multiple trials over a relatively short period.

This year's course will be held on a mixed farm at Slingsby in Yorkshire, a venue we have successfully used many times in the past. The varying surfaces this venue has to offer should give us the variety when training for our sport. With the Minimum qualification of this course being UDex we will be looking to improve on the training details which make the difference between scraping an occasional qualification and consistently improving performances to the point where red rosettes are in sight.

This advanced Course with its Small numbers means that the training can be very dog and problem specific and with 5 days of training we will be able to make a real difference.

Nick Taking an Article from Antic out of a Square with good Growth

Many handlers who have been trained by Rod previously, have succeeded in the higher Working Trial stakes, many have attained TDex or PDex, several have made their dogs into Working Trial Champions. Some are even training others in Working Trials.

Here are some of the people who have benefited over the years with Rods Training.
In No particular Order.
Margaret Robinson, 10 TD tickets Linda Newbold TD ticket, Allison Tomhe TD ticket, Janet Parker TD ticket, Janette Sayer Multiple TDex, Dave Olley PD tickets Multiple TDex, Pat Williams TD Ticket, Nick Williams TD ticket, Margo Brothwell PD ticket, Diane Ling TD ticket, Manda Mcllean PD Tickets, Judy Meeking TD tickets, Donna Walker WDex (Dalmatian), Jacquie Hall Multiple TDex, Fran Becket Multiple TDex, Sara Royle Multiple TDex, Steph Mcbride TD Tickets, James Warrior TDex.
The List goes on….

Dates for the 2012 Courses
Advanced arrive Sat 21st April Course starts Sun 22nd finishes Thurs 26th Depart Fri 27th.
Costs of the Courses Advanced £320

Details of the local accommodation will be available if required

For further information Email:
Or ring on 07957 211299

Judy & Brig making tracking on longer corn look easy.